We are EAPPI UK & Ireland. We share the eyewitness stories of Palestinians and Israelis and advocate for justice, equality and an end to the military occupation of Palestine.

We support and bring ordinary people to live in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem. We call them Ecumenical Accompaniers (EAs). EAs accompany local communities, monitor human rights for the UN and other agencies, and share the real-life stories of the Palestinians and Israelis they meet.

EAPPI is an international programme run by the World Council of Churches which was founded in response to a call from the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem. Since 2002, over 1,500 people from 22 countries have come to live as EAs. In the UK and Ireland, we are managed by Quakers in Britain and work alongside a number of British and Irish partners.

EAPPI is nonviolent and non-partisan. We are not, however, neutral in terms of international humanitarian and human rights law. We are unwavering in our belief that any practice used to occupy territory must comply with international law.  We use the internationally recognised model of accompaniment as the framework for what we do. This involves both local presence and international pressure.

We believe that the occupation of Palestine is harmful to both Palestinians and Israelis. We advocate for its end.

‘EAPPI presence in the region is vital. EAs are our eyes and ears on the ground.’

Hamed Qawasmeh, local contact

‘Every week EAPPI comes to us and sends emails to their governments and to their city and this gives us power to keep on going non-violently. I’ve met hundreds of EAs from EAPPI over the world. Their presence is proof that there are churches from all over the world that want to come, support us and stand by our side. We are relying on their activities back in their countries to explain what is going on here.’

Local resident in East  Jerusalem

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