URGENT ACTION: Call on your MP to take action against rising violence in the West Bank

Since the 7th of October, violence in the West Bank has skyrocketed. Nearly 1,000 Palestinians from at least 15 different communities have been forced to leave their homes in what the UN has called ‘the other mass displacement‘. Between 7th October and 1st November, 128 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank by Israeli forces or settlers. That represents more than one third of all Palestinians killed in the West Bank so far in 2023. 

Israeli and Palestinian human rights organisations have called on the international community to take action to stop the escalating violence against Palestinians happening across the West Bank, and UN experts stated that ‘the Palestinian people are at grave risk of genocide.’

Please send this urgent letter calling on your MPs to fulfil their obligation under international law and use the UK’s diplomatic position to pressure all parties to protect civilians, end the escalating violence, and stop the forced displacement of Palestinians.