Tell the Lords: No to the ‘anti-boycott bill’!

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Dear [name]

I am writing to urge you to speak out against the Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) bill at the debate in the House of Lords on 20th February. The proposed law presents a threat to freedom of expression, and the ability of public bodies and democratic institutions to spend, invest and trade ethically in line with international law and human rights.

If passed, the bill would prevent public bodies, including democratically elected and accountable entities, such as local councils and the devolved administrations, from considering ethical issues related to the conduct of a foreign state when making investment or procurement decisions. The proposed law would also stifle a wide range of campaigns concerned with the arms trade, climate justice, human rights, international law, and international solidarity with oppressed peoples struggling for justice.

I urge you to read this briefing from Quakers in Britain, and this joint letter sent to the Lords Spiritual from Churches and Christian civil society organisations, and use the information to speak out against the bill at the debate on 20th February.

Kind regards,
[your name + your home address]

**Remember to include your full name and address**